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DJW Consultants Ltd

31 Kingston Ave



ST16 3RX


Tel: 01785 600388


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“Faced with uncertainty, we have a choice:


of continuing to be shaped by external policies and funding,


or to shape the future:


to take what we know works, what we value,


to seize opportunities and move communities and young people forward.”


David Wright

We believe… 

  • that young people and communities should have the opportunity to gain confidence, develop new skills and improve their health and wellbeing

  • that good youth work develops the ability of young people to think for themselves and to help them to shape their own futures and to act for others.

  • in social inclusion and value equality and diversity and are committed to fair treatment and equitable access in all aspects of our work, administration and management


We will…

  • act responsibly, both socially and environmentally and to be transparent and open in our dealings

  • be transparent and open in our relationships

  • act with honesty, integrity and propriety