We provide a range of support for events that include organisation of national conferences and seminars to one off training events They also have experience of organising large-scale events such as Community Show, a youth music festival and, in partnership with the Sikh community, the tercentenary celebration of Vashakhi.

DJW Consultants support those who deliver, manage and commission youth work to equip them to meet the challenges of redesigning and commissioning services. This can be in the form whole service or organisational reviews addressing capacity and development opportunities.


We also offer bespoke support on an individual or organisational basis through one off interventions or longer-term involvement.



Evidencing Impact

Through our work we seek to influence policy makers to champion work with young people. We provide informed commentary on current issues relating to young people, particularly youth unemployment and economic issues.


DJW Consultants provide programmes of engagement with young people and with communities as whole. This goes beyond consultation:  enabling participants to have a real say in their communities.


Event Management


Development & Training

Through carrying out audits we help Youth Services to evaluate their contribution to the local early help offer, and specifically the impact their work has on this agenda.


We help establishes strategic direction and outcomes for a service, and specifically the articulation of how it contributes to local agenda for young people and communities.

We provide a range of training for organisations and charities. We work alongside local organisations to identify their training needs and support them to obtain resources to meet these needs.


Additional services include executive coaching/mentoring and non-managerial supervision.


We support for organisations and their leaders to identify new ways of working including the establish of arm’s length organisations (including Mutuals). We enable the identification and sharing of current and emerging delivery models to secure the implementation, locally, of new ways of delivering services for young people and communities.

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