Our Associates

David has 30 years’ local government experience ranging across both rural and urban authorities. His most recent post was as Head of the Wiltshire Youth Development Service where the Ofsted Inspection successfully confirmed that leadership and management was ‘good’. David’s range of experience includes strategic and operational management, fieldwork and innovative approaches in the effective engagement of communities within policy developments for young people. He has also led departmental and council wide approaches to the engagement of young people in corporate assessments, joint area reviews and comprehensive area assessments.


David developed and led area wide quality audits of young people’s services for Wiltshire County Council which examined and reviewed both the implementation of policy and the delivery of practice. He has previous experience of undertaking Ofsted Inspections as an additional inspector and working with a commercial agency in undertaking a ‘due diligence’ analysis of the early years and youth services of a London Borough. David’s strength is in developing the “voice and influence” of young people and enabling their active participation in the whole gambit of policy and practice.

David Whewell - Associate

Elaine O'Connor - Associate


Elaine has 30 years of relevant strategic career experiences and an absolute commitment to lifelong learning, narrowing the inequalities gap, integrated working and achieving the best possible outcomes for all.  She has a unique range of career experiences directly relevant to the aspirations of Children’s and People’s Services within Local Authorities and other organisations.  


These include a number of roles at Head of Service level and Ofsted and School Improvement Partner roles, each of which involved leading partnerships, leadership of services and strategies, improving performance, extensive work on service transformation and implementation.  

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