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David has extensive experience in managing and delivering youth and community work in both the voluntary sector and in local government. He provides strategic support for organisations undergoing change.

He developed and delivered a programme, with a local authority young people’s service to review the impact of its contribution to the borough’s early help strategy. By contrast he also supported a Care Farm reviewing its existing operation and ambitions producing a 5 year development plan that would see a step change in the way the organisation would operate.

David undertook research that led to the publication of “A Return to Ancient Truths”.  He also worked with eleven of local authorities as part of the “Devon Consortium” to address issues of service improvement and redesign. He has provided ‘step in’ support, to two Local authority services in the past year.

He’s spoken at national and European events, on the state of youth work in England and the challenges it faces.


Liz has significant experience in youth and community work. She is a qualified Planning for Real practitioner helping design and facilitate community engagement programmes reaching and gathering views from all sections of communities, including those whose voice is rarely heard.

Liz has extensive knowledge of working on regeneration programmes in London Norfolk and Stoke on Trent. She was most recently engaged on supporting young people in Troubled Families. Further experience includes recruiting and training volunteers, identifying gaps in provision and setting up sustainable groups to bridge the gaps.




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David Wright


Liz Reynolds